How do you help people find their way while strengthening your brand?

Located in Kuala Lumpur’s suburb of Petaling Jaya, Encorp Strand is a mixed used development comprising luxury apartments, mall, commercial spaces and business suites, all spread over 45 acres of land. 

We were commissioned to design Encorp Strand’s overall visual identity including a bespoke wayfinding system for Encorp Strand Garden Office, the business suite component of the development. The wayfinding system not only had to help people get around effectively but also needed to remind the user of Encorp Strand Garden Office’s USP – expansive rooftop public gardens. Concrete, glass and metal were to be juxtaposed with lush greenery, and while co-existing, they did not mingle. Our challenge was to create a system that would hint at the gardens atop, while still sitting comfortably within the industrial look of the building below. 

Our solution was to create a wayfinding system inspired by the bold geometric shapes of the building utilising materials already in use – brushed metal, coloured glass and polished concrete. To these, we incorporated stylised graphic representations of leafs, trees and plants bringing and organic touch to these inherently industrial objects. The result – a wayfinding system comprising over 200 different elements ranging from directional traffic signs to bathroom plaques and everything in between that emulates the balance between industrial architecture and nature that the building itself has. 

As Encorp Strand Garden Office was to be completed in stages, we developed a dedicated wayfinding brand manual to help our client create additional wayfinding assets when needed, ensuring that their brand would remain consistent throughout the whole process.

Client: Encorp Berhad

Sector: Construction and Development

Expertise: Visual Identity, Wayfinding.