When there is too much media noise, how can your brand communicate the loudest?

Marketing has always been about helping the providers of good or services connect with their target audience effectively. But marketing is a complicated, multilayered discipline involving a myriad of specialisms, many of which operate in highly competitive environments. Digital Marketing is one of these. Digital marketing can also be confusing and people often misunderstand its function and reach. 

Volvox approached us to develop a brand that would stand out from amongst an overabundance of competitors. Being experts in digital marketing, they knew how to reach their core audience. Now they needed to create a brand that was understandable, intrinsically linked to their services and ethos and most importantly – memorable.

The Volvox brand is multifaceted. First the name. A portmanteau of the founders last name (Volcy) and the word vox, (as in the latin for voice). It also happens to be the name of an algae that forms colonies which grow with ease and expand rapidly in what seems to be an intelligent manner – this a happy parallelism between what volvox, the algae, does, and what the aim of volvox, the digital marketing agency, is. The combination mark consists of bespoke typography and a symbol created by arranging hexagons in a composition that shows expansion and growth. We then chose the hexagon as Volvox’s primary graphic element as it possesses many qualities relevant to what digital marketing should in theory achieve. (eg. the hexagon is the geometric shape which can cover areas most effectively, it is the shape that produces the best torque in mechanical engineering and is the polygon that creates the most stable structures.)  Their colour palette is modern retro and so is their visual tone. Volvox uses black and white images as key forms of communication explaining complex digital marketing concepts with everyday relatable images. Volvox is  ready to become a major competitor in the digital marketing arena and their brand will hopefully become synonymous with innovation, service and effectiveness in a not so distant future.   

 Client: Volvox Ltd.

Sector: Digital Marketing

Expertise: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity & Marketing