In a market saturated with information, how do you let people know you have the answer they’ve been looking for?

QuoteSearcher is far from being the new kid on the block. They have been in operation longer than most aggregator sites and provide niche insurance services for a myriad of clients. As a niche brand, they might not be a household name like some of their competitors, however, they have a solid reputation amongst their target market.  

After twenty years, QuoteSearcher was now offering a product that was considerably more robust, had invested heavily in R&D, but most importantly had transitions from simple aggregator site to strategic partner of choice to some of the UK’s leading insurers. Throughout, QuoteSearcher’s brand had remained unchanged. This meant that not only was their image dated, but their branding and marketing strategies where no longer fit for purpose. 

We created a brand that speaks up-front of their main USP- targeted niche insurance made easy. Through a series of workshops we crafted a relevant voice for their brand, updated their values and revitalised internal and external brand engagement. Their new brand assets include a logo based on the shape of a target practice, which doubles as a letter “Q” for QuoteSearcher, and a compendium of icons and images that match their new brand accurately. New editorial guidelines help their team create content, that could potentially be confusing, in a clear and easy to understand manner and a full brand identity system will allow them to grow their marketing efforts in parallel with their expansion plans. QuoteSearcher is now ready to find that market growth they had been looking for.

Client: QuoteSearcher Ltd.

Sector: Insurance

Expertise: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand Engagement & Marketing