When you have spent years building a brand, how do you retain old clients and develop new relationships?

Paragon Design Construction was facing a brand conundrum. 

Consistently delivering beyond client’s expectations, Paragon Design Construction develop an excellent reputation in London’s contractors circles. Over the span of a decade, Paragon Design Construction evolved from focusing on boutique high-end refurbishments to delivering turnkey projects for some of London’s best know developers, often undertaking roles beyond their remit as contractors. A few months back, they decided to formalise this role into which they had organically grown. They made the necessary key hires to bolster their team and implemented the processes, training schemes and accreditations to become a full fledged delivery partner. However, they faced a small problem – they were known only for their contractural work, and not as an integral solutions provider for developers. While they knew they needed to update their brand and positioning, they wanted to ensure that any change made, would not alienate their existing clients.

We were engaged to design a full brand suite that would match their long term marketing and business goals. We designed a new logo, a full suite of brand and marketing assets and devised a full brand architecture system that reflects clearly who they are now and who they will become in the not so distant future. Their content and customer touchpoints now follow cohesive brand guidelines that will clearly let their clients know when Paragon Design and Construction is engaging with them. 

Paragon Design Construction’s new brand reflects the company’s roots as well as its aspirations. By creating a brand that retains links to their original, Paragon Design Construction has managed to keep a solid relationship with their existing clients while acquiring the confidence they needed to successfully approach some of London’s bigger developers. Everything the brand is set to become, tells prospective clients that Paragon Design Construction is not only the brawn behind a development project, but are also the brain guiding it. 

Client: Paragon Design Construction Ltd.

Sector: Construction and Development

Expertise: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity & Marketing