In the world of construction, how do you build a solid brand?

Dominant Construction has been a household name in specific areas around Greater London for over a decade. Their friendly service, attention to detail and hassle free approach to construction has made them a favourite amongst architects, developers and private clients alike. Their small team has steadily grown over the years and is now equipped to undertake projects much larger than those they used to handle ten years ago. However, their image still felt like that of a one man show rather than that of a company that employs over 30 people at any one time. 

Dominant Construction loves what they do, and they do it very well. However, they were keen to let their existing and prospective clients know of their expanded capabilities. We developed a new brand and a full marketing suite – inclusive of digital and physical assets – to allow them to do just that. Their new logo inspired by an I-beam, speaks of their trade and their strength, while their brand and marketing assets are now presented in a cohesive manner and have been produced in accordance to their marketing strategy rather than organically. Their tone of voice across all content lets clients know it is still the same friendly team, except now, this team is ready for the big league. 

Client: Dominant Construction Ltd.

Sector: Construction and Development

Expertise: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity & Marketing